I love crochet, but projects always take me a really long time.  Like, a really really long time (I’m talking years for blankets!).  So I went on the search for something that could be done in the course of an evening and be somehow practical.  Mug cosies are super simple to make plus it’s a fun way to brighten up your coffee break at work or your breakfast table at home.

Here’s my pattern:


ch – chain

hd – half double

sc – single crochet

ss – slip stitch


Start by making as many chains as you need to fit the diameter of your mug.

Row 1 – Starting at the third ch from your hook, do 1hd in each ch to the end.

Middle Rows – At the end of each row, including the first row, do 2ch, then turnaround and do 1hd in each stitch to the end.  Do as many of these rows as required to suit the height of your mug.

Last Row – At the end of the last row is where we make the loop for the button.  When you get to the end of the row, make as many ch as required to fit the button (generally, make 8ch) then ss about 1 cm down the side of the work.

Edging – To give it a nice finish, sc along all of the edges, doing 3sc into the corner stitches.  As you go, join the cosy at the bottom of the mug handle together by putting the hook through two stitches as you sc along that edge of the cosy.

To finish, sew on a button that lines up with the button loop hole.

Enjoy 🙂