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                《骄傲↘的家庭》(The Proud Family)将携全新剧集登陆迪士尼+





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                ‘The Proud Family’ coming to Disney+ with all-new episodes

                《骄傲的≡家庭》(The Proud Family)将携全新剧集登陆迪士尼+

                Disney Channel’s popular animated series The Proud Family is making a comeback. Jo Marie Payton, who voiced Suga Mama in the series which aired for three seasons from 2001-2005, confirmed today on GMA3 that a revival is in the works at upcoming streaming service Disney+.

                迪斯尼频道广受欢迎的动画片《骄傲的家庭》即将回归。在2001-2005年播出▽的三季中为Suga Mama配音的Jo Marie Payton今天在GMA3上确认,即将到『来的流媒体服务Disney+正在进行复兴。

                It came in an answer to a question from host Keke Palmer about Payton’s Suga Mama character. “Yeah, Suga’s large and in charge. That’s all I’ve got to say — except for Suga Mama will be doing some new episodes come February,” revealed Payton.

                这是主持人柯克〗·帕尔默对佩顿饰演的Suga Mama角色的回答。“是啊,Suga是个大人物△。这就是我要说的——除了Suga Mama将会在2月份出演一些新的〓剧集。”佩顿透露。

                《骄傲的家庭》(The Proud Family)将携全新剧集登陆迪士尼+

                Word of a revival first surfaced in August when Tommy Davidson, who voiced Oscar Proud, told @WhereIsTheBuzzTV that the series would be revived on Disney+. Payton’s confirmation was the first announcement on a Disney-owned network. GMA3, the third hour of Good Morning America, co-hosted by Michael Strahan, Sara Haines and Palmer, is on Disney-owned ABC.

                今年8月,为奥斯卡配】音的托米·戴维森(Tommy Davidson)告诉@WhereIsTheBuzzTV,这部剧将在迪斯尼+上重播,这是该剧第一次有々了翻拍的消息。佩顿的确认是迪斯尼旗下电视网的第一◥个声明。GMA3,《早安美国》的第三个小时,由迈克尔·斯特拉汉、莎拉·海恩斯和帕默共同主持,正在迪斯尼旗下的美国广播█公司播出。

                Created by Bruce W. Smith, The Proud Family was one of very few animated series at the time to center around an African American family. IT followed main character Penny Proud, voiced by Kyla Pratt, and the everyday rambunctiousness of her friends and family — with guest stars such as Gabrielle Union, Kobe Bryant, and Mariah Carey.

                《骄傲的家庭》由布鲁斯·w·史密斯(Bruce W. Smith)创作,是当时为数不多的以非洲裔美国家庭为中心的动画片≡之一。紧随其后的是由凯拉·普拉特配音的主角佩妮·普莱德,以及她的朋友和∮家人每天的吵吵闹闹——客串明星有加布里》埃尔·尤尼恩、科比·布莱恩特和玛丽亚·凯莉。

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